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lavender sandi
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I'm a 15 year-old PC gamer who loves mostly sims 3, skyrim and anime FTW and a total 90's girl. I love 90's songs and shows! I also am a disney girl! I love disney and I love anything with sense to it or a meaningful plot like the disney movie "fox and the hound" (my fave disney movie!!!) or my little pony (my fave show!!!).

I know every manga alive so don't underestimate me on the manga part ;) My favorite genre of manga is shonen and my favorite manga and anime provider is shonen jump (even though it's for boys lol). I hate soft and unreasonable things like dora or whatever so don't give me any of that X( I love violent games like GTA and Call of Duty and yes, i have an xbox (and a PS2).

I'm also gonna go to CALARTS when I graduate high school for study in graphic novelling(manga and anime) and animation, etc... and I'm gonna be famous one day for my works such as my show mizuki or lucky clover that will someday be on the television for all to see!! (I'm a very aspiring person with big dreams ;). That's pretty much it about me!

Equestria Girls
Damn guys, I mean really. For people who are supposed to love and tolerate, you sure aren't tolerating EQG. Listen, i didn't watch the movie in theaters, but i did watch it and trust me, it's NOT bad. The characters are still exactly the same especially the mane 6 such as rainbow Dash still obtains that "tomboyish" personality or pinkie is still bouncing off the walls with energy. Some moments were extremely girly and so very unattractive but hey, it's still Twilight! It's still Rarity! It's still AJ! And after you get over the clear fact that they're not ponies through the majority of the movie, you'll come to really enjoy it :) Look, all I'm saying is, give it a try. If not, then fine with me. But i will be willing to defend it in terms of quality. Also guys, equestria girls toys don't look so bad!

Princess Twilight Sparkle
 When I found out about Twilight becoming an alicorn i flipped out in not only anger but shock as well. Especially twilight, who happens to be my favorite pony. Why hasbro? Why? That's how I acted at first. Now- I've grown to accept it. Even though alicorn twilight was obviously something done for money, at least she's still the same twilight we know and love. especially in Equestria girls, she still has the same "nerdy" personality and guys. listen. SHE DID NOT ABANDON HER FRIENDS. PLEASE STOP THINKING THAT. In fact, her friends are actually there for her even more than ever now that she's a princess. It's not the end of the fandom, guys! 

Princess Skyla?
For those of you who dont know who this is, she is suppossed to be princess cadance's and shining armor's new baby. Now, not much is nown about this young filly but I must say, she is adorable. she looks alot like cadance yet has shining armor's eyes and I predict that she will apear in season 4 randomly kinda like how pumpkin cake and pound cake did. she also may be cadance's sister, but i think she's cadance's duaghter. Only time will tell...

Also, I've heard the news about Hashbrony being shut down by hasbro. very horrible news. I used to admire and love his work. very much a shame.

other news I've heard about was Fighting is magic being shut down and MLP online being shut down. I mean, I can't really say much about these two amazing projects that have been cut short except that it's very much a shame because i realize a lot of bronies have been waiting for these two projects in great anticipation to complete and officially release. That sucks. I was actually shocked to hear about it :(

so, these were just a few thoughts i had on some topics that I wanted to share. :)

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It is unfortunate that I have to inform you that someone is stealing your art, nice_and_sexy_fluttershy on instagram.
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HELL YA I LIKE IT! thank you so much! she looks awesome! I LOVE IT! let me know if you ever want to do another art trade or just a commission! this was fun! :)
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